The Future of Transport


People will be taxed-out of current levels of car usage as government and local authorities force a change in behaviours. This is the price we will all pay for cleaner air and zero-carbon cities – commitments that have already been enshrined in law. Therefore, our mission is to ensure that, however people move in 5, 10 or 50-years’ time, they will have a choice. A choice that enables them to travel safely, sustainably and cost-effectively.


We believe in delivering on the vision of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), replacing the need for car journeys with on-demand transport that is better for the customer and society.

We are already making this a reality:

  • Revolutionising school travel with Kura Home2School, ending the need for millions of individual school-run journeys that pollute the air our children breathe.
  • Anticipating taxes on car parking at the workplace by providing alternative solutions with Kura Home2Work services.
  • Building the future of transport infrastructure to end our reliance on fossil fuel transport with Kura Electric.

We are (and will always remain) ahead of the curve as the new era of transport dawns – that’s why we’re called Transport2.

Since 2011, we have used disruptive thinking and technological innovation to change transport for the better.

Our innovation and foresight will enable transport users to experience a smooth transition between the old and the new. 

No one knows what the future holds, but you can rely on us to take you there.


A game changing suite of apps that already generates £15.6m of business annually by delivering safer, greener, lower cost travel for the corporate, education and leisure sectors.

Transport2 Education


Kura, with its innovative, proprietary technology, helps schools provide a safer, greener, more reliable home to school and trip service.

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Transport2 for Business


With combined experience of and Momentum, we can satisfy all company vehicle requirements across shuttles, conferences and events.

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Transport2 for Leisure

LEISURE, the UK market leader, can supply fully vetted drivers and an unrivalled range of compliant vehicles for any leisure occasion.

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annual revenue (2019)
year-on-year revenue growth
Passenger journeys per annum
Home2School customers growth
growth in business market year-on-year
Star Trust Pilot Rating
  • Education 45%
  • Business 40%
  • Leisure 15%

Annual Revenue Share

Our Mission is to respond to changing customer and social need, ensuring communities have access to on-demand, cost-effective, sustainable and safe transport. We believe in Mobility as a Service (MaaS), disrupting ‘business as usual’ thinking to create new customer-focused solutions.